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IT Strategy Development

IT Strategy Development

Put simply, Information Technology systems are nothing more than tools to help run your business more effectively.

Far too often, systems have evolved "organically" over time and are not controlled as part of a clear strategy to fulfill this simple business need.
The net effect is as follows:
1) Decisions are made on the basis of what the system does rather than what the business needs!
2) Costs are not contained because the real return on expenditure is not understood

What is required is a plan that utilises technology as opposed to being driven by technology.

Whether your operation is big or small, it is essential to
1) Understand your business
2) Understand the IT needs of your business
3) Develop a simple and clear IT Strategy
4) Implement the Strategy

An effective strategy addresses, amongst other things
- Current and future operational needs
- IT organisation structure
- Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
- Budget

If IT systems are tools then we are the experts who can define and deliver the right IT "toolkit" for your environment.