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Project Management

The key measure of success in Project Management is delivery to agreed quality, timeframe and budget.
As anyone with a projects background will agree, this is so much easier to say than do...

Project Delivery

Every industry is different.
Every technology group is different.
We do not believe in imposing a single methodology on all our clients. 

We can draw on our practical experience of delivering projects in different industries and using different methodologies in order to develop the most suitable project strategy for your organisation. 
If you subscribe to a particular methodology we can work with you to optimise your strategy within the boundaries defined by that method.

Project review, prioritisation and initiation 

It makes sense to review and manage related set of initiatives as a complete portfolio.

Too often have we seen related projects and sub-projects going their individual ways with results ranging from delays and integration problems right through to complete failure of all deliverables.

Successfully controlling a portfolio of projects provides:
- clearer visibility of the intended overall target
- tighter control over project integration issues
- more empowered decision making throughout the life of the projects
- Less risk of failure (both individual projects and overall initiative)

At deep blue, we can set up, initiate and drive through to completion this practical approach to help ensure a successful result.

Project Firefighting

If you have a project that has lost direction, is failing to deliver or has any "symptoms of ill-health", we can help deliver the best possible result. 
In addition to the advantage of drawing on our extensive project delivery experience, such situations usually benefit from engaging outside specialists who work directly with the project teams in a non-threatening and delivery-focused manner (or sometimes exclusively through mentoring the project manager).